English Opalescent Glass For Sale
There were several glass companies making opalescent glass as early as the 1870's in England.
The name of the maker will be listed with each item for sale and the year of production. All items are
in perfect condition unless mentioned otherwise.

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Richelieu Basket
Item number: 3138
Type: Opalescent
Color: Blue
Maker: Davidson Glass Company
Pattern: Richelieu
Description: Novelty Basket
Year of Manufacture: circa: 1888
Condition: Manufacture Deformity
and one small flake on a toe
Not noticable
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Sea Scroll footed Compote
Item number: 2913
Type: Opalescent
Color: Green
Maker: Davidson Glass Company
Pattern: Sea Scroll
Description: Footed Compote
Year of Manufacture: circa: 1900
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Ascot Open Sugar
Item 2877
Blue Opalescent
Greener & Company
footed Open Sugar
Rd # 262018
ca. 1895 Scarce