Hobbs Brockunier Opalescent Glass For Sale

The Hobbs Brockunier Glass Company was in business
in the United States starting in 1863. It became part of the
U.S. Glass Company in 1891, and closed up shortly after.
All of the Hobbs items for sale are authentic
and in perfect condition unless mentioned otherwise.

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Coinspot Sugar Shaker
Item number: 2966
Type: Opalescent
Color: Blue
Maker: Hobbs Brockunier
Pattern: Ring Neck
Description: Coinspot Sugar Shaker
Year of Manufacture: circa: 1894
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Windows Water Pitcher
Item number: 2851
Type: Opalescent
Color: White
Maker: Hobbs Brockunier
Pattern: Windows
Description: Water Pitcher
Year of Manufacture: circa: 1889 - 1893
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