Antique Art Glass
Opalescent Glass Collectors Club

I have searched the internet for years to try to find a Collectors Club for Opalescent Glass collectors and have not
been able to find one. So I've decided to create a place for collectors to come together and talk about Opalescent
Glass in general, and share their collections. The "Discuss Your Collection" area is designed for you to do just that.
Post information about your collection and contact info, or you can just ask questions. If you sell Victorian Opalescent Glass,
you can advertise your business here. A one year subscription to the Collector's Club
is only $15.95. There is also a quarterly newsletter. You'll receive a username and password with your order. You'll have
complete access to all the Club pages and the Price Guide for 1 year with this renewable subscription.
Thanks and enjoy the site.

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