Antique Castle Wine Dispenser

This is a one of a kind item, made in South Germany, circa: 1890 - 1900
as determined by Christie's in England.
In perfect condition. From the top of the flag to the bottom of the footed stand,
the height is 30" tall. The glass Wine Dispenser is 17" tall, 9" in diameter across
the bottom and 7" in diameter across the top. The bottom glass color is Amber
The cover glass color is Ruby glass in a Diamond Quilt design.
The Bisque Porcelain figurine playing a flute is the Pied Piper.
All the metal work is Bronze. The flag swivels around the flagpole.
The glass was blown into the Bronze frame. Clear glass is set inside
window frames. Was used to serve Punch or Mulled Wine.

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This is a very unique, extremely rare, one of a kind item,
in perfect condition, at 123 years old.