Glass Research
by Bill Banks

Occasionally I do research and find some facts that I feel are worth sharing. Below
are some interesting articles I've put together. Some I've written for magazines. I hope
you find them useful. Check back often as I'll continue to ad more articles. Some of these
files are PDF files. You'll need to have Adobe Reader installed in order to view them.
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Northwood Pan American Vase 1901

Muranese Art Glass

1795-1895 One Hundred Years of American Commerce
American Glass Interests by James Gillinder 1895

Poschinger Fleur Art Glass

Victorian Opalescent Glass Novelties

New color discovery for the Jefferson Glass Company.

Antique & Collectible Straw Jars online Book

Early Overlay Art Glass Discovery

Reading Artistic Glass Works

History of the Swastika Pattern

Sun Purpled Glass? Password Protected.

Why Collect Antiques?

Take a trip down Market Street in San Francisco in 1906

Glow Lamp or Penny Lamp

Northwood Needle Etching

A Celery Obscured!

Northwood Dew Drop Pattern

Reproduction Glass Epergnes

Victorian Opalescent Glass

Northwood vs. Coudersport

The Alaska Small Berry Bowl

The elusive Ring Handled Basket in Purple Slag

What is true Blurina Art Glass

The difference between Honeycomb & Beads and Fishscale & Beads

History of the Fluted Scrolls pattern

Fluted Scrolls or Jackson

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